How to Start a Business in New Zealand?

Starting a business in a new country can be a hectic process. However, if you have the right information this job can be done without taking the help of an immigration lawyer. Although, most people will ask you to go through this process the offline way and through an immigration lawyer or agency. However, the best way to apply for your business visa is going through the online portal and doing it by yourself. It is a faster way to acquire a business visa and the right and apt way as well.

What documents will you need?

If you want to move your current business and expand it to New Zealand, then you will need a lot of your current business documents. Like the IT returns of the last 5 years and your business should have done profit of around $4 million in the last 2-3 years. Apart from these, you need to submit your personal documents as well, like your photo, birth certificate, education details etc.

What happens after that?

Once you submit the papers asked by the New Zealand embassy, they will then go through the details and papers you have provided them with. Once they have checked all the details and confirmed with the current country or people you have worked with thoroughly will they precede the process of your business via.

Starting stage

Once you have got the business visa, they ask you to set up your business in New Zealand and you have to invest “X” amount of money in this business. They give you a year to set up your business and a year to prove your business is doing well. Once they have checked that your business is doing well, they extend your visa or give you the PR (permanent residency).

You can always check the New Zealand official immigration site for more detailed and accurate information.




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