Why Facebook Dominates Digital Marketing Strategies For Business

Have you noticed businesses focusing more of their digital marketing efforts on their Facebook presence?

This is not some random trend or phenomenon that is hard to explain, because search engine optimizers and online content creators agree that this is the most effective method Sydney SEO managers use to engage your consumers with.

What began as a user-friendly social media popularity surge would soon turn into a multi-billion dollar enterprise with global reach and worldwide influence over trends and behaviours.

In 2018 there have been some distracting influencers that have threatened to shake up this dominance and eat away at the commercial market, from Instagram to YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn and others.

Facebook continue to grow and develop by bringing a number of those players under their banner, an aggressive approach that has kept them at the forefront of social media innovation.

If you are a digital marketer who is curious about Facebook’s domination, it is important to consider what is so appealing about this site.

Sheer Weight of Numbers

The numbers do not lie when it comes to the reach that Facebook enjoys. This is a social media site that sees 2 billion active users monthly log in with 1.3 billion of those accessing their account every single day. When members of the digital marketing community advocate for brands to use portals that have traction, it is impossible to ignore Facebook’s substantial presence.

Easily Shareable Content Options

One of the joys that arrives through using the Facebook portal is the capacity to easily share and send content at the flick of a switch. Just by tagging a friend, you can immediately notify a friend, family member or colleague about an event or piece of content that they would find interesting. To drive organic clicks, content must be circulated through a number of participants. This social media giant is one of the most efficient means of hitting those targets for an online organisation.

Geographic Targeting

The continual drive for digital marketing experts is to be able to deliver an on-point message that finds cut through to the consumer. Fortunately the business advertisements and boost of account posts on Facebook give brands the ability to locate where they want impressions to be scored from. This is obtained with the inclusion of a city name, postcode, or the dropping of a pin onto a map. It is one thing for an organisation to increase their traffic flow, but if they are situating their goods or service in one particular location, then they need to ensure their content is viewed and shared within that environment.

Shared Interest and Demographic Targeting

The geographic targeting may be one asset that Facebook offers, but this filtering process also extends to communities with shared interests and from similar demographic profiles. Brands who are using digital marketing to target specific groups who gravitate to their enterprise will thrive off this program because content can be crafted to men and women of all ages with any form of shared interest listed online. That is power.

Taps Into Mobile Explosion

It is no coincidence that the rapid rise in smartphone usage around the world has coincided with that of Facebook. The official app and its partnered extensions such as Messenger has made it easier for consumers to scan through, click, share, watch, type and engage with the portal on a hand-held device. That ease of access ensures that brands can reach out to communities in a manner that is not overbearing but effective.


Despite some very public embarrassments taking place on behalf of the Facebook brand over transparency and data integrity matters, this is an organisation that remains a market leader. It is a playground for digital marketing experts as they can tap into extensions and tools until their heart’s content, from stories to video, events, community pages, messenger and plenty more.

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