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Welcome to the Impetus Training site!

At Impetus Training you will find Nationally Accredited Training courses that focus on providing skills for work.

Do you believe, like we do, that the classroom is not the sole domain of learning?

Then Impetus Training is the place for you.

The world has witnessed a drastic change over the past decade resulting in the radical expansion of employment avenues with the ever changing global scenario. Every single day is a new challenge. The potential to change every challenge into an opportunity lies within each of us. We need to march ahead with time and evolve to accept any challenge that the future presents.

If you want to stay ready for the future with continual learning, you can develop your skills, knowledge and competencies and enjoy an investment in yourself in this ever-changing world.


Our team of dedicated vocational and training professionals will guide you to:

  •       find training solutions that meet your future needs.
  •       make the most of your existing knowledge and skills by recognising prior learning

Our courses are popular for several reasons:

Quality:    We dont just ask for feedback but act on it, in order to continually improve the quality for our students. We are proud to have achieved an incredible average rating of 4.8 out of 5 in customer satisfaction! Our government audit results are equally impressive!

Speed:    We concentrate on competency achieved rather than time spent. Most students complete the assessment tasks and wrap-up the qualification prior to the end of the class!

Flexibility:    Students obtain their learning via the popular 'fast-track' intensive class, via distance learning and via recognition of prior learning (RPL) kits.

Customisation:    Our classes are tailored to our students. Each student develops and delivers their main project during the class under the guidance of their facilitator.

Value:    We always ensure that we remain amongst the most competitively-priced providers in Australia. We will help you create real change.

Contact us today to have your skills recognized and gain the qualification you need!